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Upcoming Credit Card Changes


TAPCO Visa Credit Card Program Changes

TAPCO has been working to improve our Visa Credit Card program to include a Cash Back Rewards program.

Cash Back Rewards are coming soon in early 2022. The new program will allow Visa Gold Cardholders to redeem for cash, travel, or gift cards.
In recent months, Visa cardholders have received information outlining these changes:

  • Effective 12/31/21, Credit Card Reward points that are three years old will expire as of the end of 2021.
  • Beginning 1/1/22, points on purchases will be valid for three years from the purchase date. These points will be reflected on your monthly statement.
  • TAPCO’s Visa Credit Card program was updated to provide two card types.
    • Visa Gold Card (Rewards) with a variable interest rate.
    • Visa Premium Card (No Rewards) with a variable interest rate.
      • Members were notified that they would be automatically moved to the applicable card offering based on whether or not they were enrolled in Rewards.
      • Members may also opt-in to a different card type and must notify the credit union by January 31st.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where was the notice for these changes?
Statement messages were included in the September, October, November, and December Visa Credit Card statements. In addition, a separate letter was mailed to each cardholder in December.

Why did my Annual Percentage Rate Change?
TAPCO evaluates rate offerings and makes needed adjustments to ensure the longevity of our credit card program. While the rates increased slightly, TAPCO continues to offer a low rate card compared to the market.

Why are my reward points expiring?
TAPCO evaluated our rewards program and made changes to enhance our card offerings to align with the market. The reward program changes will encourage members to engage more frequently and provide for a Cash Back Reward in early 2022.

When do my points expire?
Points earned prior to 12/31/2018 will expire on 12/31/2021. After that, each month any points more than three years old from the purchase date that have not been redeemed will automatically expire.
*Expiring points will not begin to display until the February Visa Statement. Point balance information is reflected as of the 25th of the prior month. For example, the January Visa statement will reflect point activity from 11/26/2021 – 12/25/2021. The February Visa Statement will reflect point activity from 12/26/2021 – 1/25/2022.

Can I switch card programs?
Yes. Determine which program fits your needs better and call us at 253.565.9895 to opt-in to that Visa Card.


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